ABB AC800M PM864 Firmware up-gradation failed

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ABB AC800M PM864 Firmware up-gradation failed

Post by fpramanik » Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:31 am

Yesterday our UPS failed then we give the LDB power to SMPS. When check One of our CPU PM864 found in fault LED glow on(Fixed).Later we reset power several time but not improved.Checked by hyper terminal found Boot loader program missing. Message in hyper terminal:
Bootloader version
No Program

We tried to up-gradation firmware by control builder and CF card but failed.
Failed Message during up-gradation via control builder at the of Erasing Flash:
Error programming Flash memory
Failed Message during up-gradation firmware by CF card :
Could not find content.txt
I 1979-12-31 00:00:10.001 NSP network strom protection Started, limit 800 pkt/s

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